Healthy Eating and Weight Management for the Adolescent

High school is demanding, and your adolescent needs nutritious foods and beverages. But how many and what exactly? Is your teen at a good weight?

Your teenager, just like you, eats according to the Wheel of Five . One child sports a lot or is in a growth spurt, and can therefore use some extra products from the Wheel of Five. While the other would rather gamete or be the smallest of the class, and therefore need less than average. With the Wheel of Five for you you can see approximately what your child needs.

Something to snack on?

Teenagers are often hungry. Not surprising, because they are now growing very fast. It’s okay to give something in between meals, but make conscious choices. Preferably give them something from the Wheel of Five, so some vegetables, fruit or a topped whole meal sandwich, toasted sandwich or whole meal crispbread. If they still want something to eat, keep it small. Find out how you can deal with products outside the Wheel of Five .

Does my child’s weight is appropriate?

Teenagers come in all shapes and sizes, but at what weight is there a bit more to it? The Body Mass Index (BMI) determines when a person’s weight is appropriate for their height. It is a good indication of whether your adolescent is at a healthy weight. Calculate the BMI below. You will get personalized guidance right away. If the BMI is really too high or your child is far too light, ask the school doctor or general practitioner for advice or go to a dietician. They can more accurately determine whether your teen is indeed overweight or underweight and provide targeted advice.

Adolescents are advised to exercise moderately to intensively for at least an hour every day. The more time and intensity with which your infant walks, the healthier. It is important that your child engages in muscle and bone strengthening activities.

5 tips for your child at home

Even though your child is going to high school, as a parent you still play an important role in their choices like your role in choosing the right color for your home or hiring painters to make your home stunning.

Take time for breakfast
Breakfast together at the table, also on school days. This way you show that you also just have breakfast and take the time for it.

Make your home a healthy haven
Eat meals comfortably at the table and limit the number of distractions, such as a television in the background. Check whether your home is furnished in a healthy way

Give sandwiches to school
If your child does not eat so much at school, make sure that he can make a toasties of whole meal bread. Explain the benefits of choosing healthily.

Keep your own level with candy
Don’t constantly say that sweets and snacks are so bad. But show it’s okay as long as you don’t overeat. Do not use candy as a reward or withhold a snack as a punishment.

Take water as a standard
Your child’s body needs about 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid every day. Water and tea without sugar are perfect for this. Milk also counts. Juice and soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. Just look at the picture below how many sugar cubes there are in the different drinks. Set a good example and drink water yourself as a standard thirst quencher.