If Video Games are Bad, Then Why is the Gaming Industry Flourishing

Despite all the negativity hurled against video games, the gaming industry has not only thrived but flourished, because player demographics have expanded.

Where before, video gaming is associated only with adolescents and teenagers, we now read about grandpas and grandmas making names for themselves as top-ranking players. They provided evidences that video games are actually promoting a more positive experience that is particularly helpful in alleviating depression not only among teens but also in aging adults.

More people are creating increased demand for video games as a form of immersive entertainment, making the future of the gaming industry even brighter. It also helped that developers of smartphones and other handheld communication devices made it easier for players to access video games other than by way of dedicated game consoles.

The role played by video games in the lives of teenagers was emphasized during the COVID-19 quarantine period. Universally, most young people were able to adjust quickly with stay-at-home orders. It was enough that they they have access to their video games, where they can escape the depressing problems presented by the real world.

Video Games as a Tool for Developing Cognitive Functions

There are numerous literatures that look into the positive aspects of video gaming. The World Health Organization had previously branded gaming addiction as a health disorder. Yet the announcement did not create much impact on the gaming industry.

Other studies that delved into video gaming took a more balanced view, by reviewing not just one type of commercial video game. It became apparent that while video game playing is essentially a form of entertainment, its immersive quality is associated with its positive impact on cognitive functions.

Cognitive functions refer to the different mental abilities of every person, not only in terms of learning but also in the processes of thinking, memorizing, recalling, decision-making, problem-solving and fixing one’s attention to a particular goal, subject or object. It became apparent that the addiction as negative effects of video gaming among adolescent and teens are results of negative environments.

Cognitive training studies that focused on the characteristics of video games found elements that are useful in improving cognitive functions of individuals with cognitive deficiencies. However, it should be clear that video games are essentially for entertainment and cognitive training is not the main goal.

Not all players have cognitive functions that enable them to play well, in ways that will hone their cognitive facilities. Factors such as age, gender and even genes can influence a variety of cognitive functioning. It is important therefore that proper parental guidance must be applied to make the cognitive training elements of games, work positively and effectively.

The Role Played by Game Trainers in Video Gaming

In the case of most teens, they engage in games that are popular among their peers, particularly Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG). However, game developers create challenging games as a way to enhance the immersive quality of each content being a key factor in providing entertainment.

Fortunately for those whose cognitive abilities tend to create barriers in allowing them to progress, another sector, although not officially part of the gaming industry, provides tools known as game trainers. These are programs that can alter or freeze the memory of a computer game by using addresses and values such as ammo counter, health meter, timer, game speed and similar elements that can improve one’s gaming status.

Although frowned upon as a method of cheating, it’s a strategy widely used by many video game players, especially when trying out new games. It enables players to reach and explore new stages with less time and fewer repetitive actions.

Some game trainers work only for single player modes and while offline. Those looking for game trainers that work online should checkout modengine where they can find trainers for games like Forza Horizon 5, Project CARS 3, Phasmophobia and Jurassic World Evolution 2.