Teaching Kids to Do Organic YouTube Promotion to be more Connected to the World

There are a lot of parents nowadays who are feeling worried about the level of exposure their children have to technology. Especially among those who have adolescents, they are afraid of what kind of impact it would bring them. If done right though, then technology can do a lot of wonderful things for them. For instance, they can show them how to have organic YouTube promotion and make good money out of it as well.

This is something nice because aside from the fact that they have something to get extra money on, they can use this as a way to develop their skills and prepare them for the future. However, this can only happen if kids are given attention to what they do online. Otherwise, they might be among those who may experience the negative impact of social media.

Indirect Communication

Teenagers have mastered how to keep themselves occupied for long hours after school or even past their bedtime. When they are not working on their research or homework, or even if they are, you can see them on their smartphones and online, sharing stuff, scrolling through their newsfeed, trolling, texting and everything.

Needless to say, before everyone had an account on Instagram, teens were able to keep themselves busy. Though they’re likely to do their chatting over the phone or in-person when they’re hanging out. It might seem to be aimless to hang around but what they’re doing was trying out new skills, experimenting and failing and succeeding in real-time interactions.

For one, teens of today are learning to do the majority of their communication as they are looking at their phones and not on another person.

What does Experts Say?

According to Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair who is an author of “The Big Disconnect” and clinical psychologist, she said that “As a species, we are very highly attuned to reading social cues.” In some way, online communicating and texting isn’t comparable to a non-verbal learning disability. However, this is putting everybody in a non-verbal context in which facial expression, body language and smallest types of vocal reactions are becoming invisible.

If you are a parent and don’t want your kids to feel disconnected from the world, then learn how to connect and bond with them. Show them ways how they can use social media to their advantage and not the other way around.