How Music Artists Influence Teenagers

Musical tastes change with each generation, leaving many parents in a very position of not understanding the music their teens hear.

Teenage boy playing the Ukulele


When it involves explicit lyrics, however, there’s often an issue surrounding how appropriate certain music is for youngsters. it’s not uncommon for folks to have precise concerns regarding the influences that artists and their music might need on impressionable teens.

Artist Style

The Berg Fashion Library makes note of samples of this throughout history, including Madonna’s influence on trends geared toward skimpier clothing within the 90s.

Artist Mood

Your teen’s choices in music are a mirrored image of his overall mood or state of being. At this age, your teen is probably going to form a preference for artists that he identifies with, in keeping with Kimberly Sena Moore, a board-certified music therapist. And as he begins looking to musical artists for cues on a way to address certain life issues in his life, he will begin to emulate the sentiments and moods he’s seeing on a stage or hearing on his iPod.


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Concerning Behaviors

The American Academy of Kids and Adolescent Psychiatry reports that a number of the largest concerns for fogeys involving the influence of music artists on teens includes the glamorization of drug and drug abuse, the main target on violence, and also the degradation of girls. One 2009 study suggests that the sexual connotations behind some music are also a reason for concern. Headed by Brian A. Primack, of the middle for Research on Health Care at the University of Pittsburgh School of medication, the study involved a survey of quite 700 ninth-graders who were exposed to quite 14 hours per week of music with degrading sexual lyrics.

Strength of the Influence

While some music artists may have a negative effect on a teen’s behavior, they’re ultimately answerable for that behavior. Take for example Billie Eilish, the pop icon who released the hit “Happier Than Ever” (here’s the strumming pattern for you to check out), who has a huge fanbase of teenagers even following her over social media.